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Headquarters in Odessa, Texas, Crystin Manufacturing Company produces technically-advanced Kelly and Top Drive Valves which have gained world-wide acceptance within the industry.

Our valves are tried and true giving you the most reliability no matter what the drilling conditions are.

Strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel valve balls. Heavier wall steel valve bodies made from tempered steel. Crystin uses only the best, most durable materials in each Kelly and Top Drive Valve.

Every ball, stem and seat delivers corrosion protection you can rely on for long life and dependable service.

Along with Industry Leading Top Drive and Kelly Valves, we also provide tubing valves and Inside Blow Out Preventers (IBOP), or DART valves.



Crystin has been manufacturing Kelly valves since 1986. Your assurance of quality is guaranteed.Fishing Tool, Crystin’s sister company, provides API re-threading on drill pipe, drill collars, subs, and anything else in your string.

Fishing Tool also manufactures the highest quality slick saver subs, Run-in subs, Star subs, rubber saver subs, brass saver subs, pump in subs, casing subs, bit subs, junk baskets, cross over subs, Top Drive subs, handling subs and pump joints.